Exhibition “200 Herbs – 2 000 000 Jobs”

Twenty exhibitors form companies producing Bulgarian herb goods, as well as from institutions involved in medicinal plant conservation participated in the exhibition themed 200 Herbs – 2 000 000 Jobs. The name of the exposition was inspired by a Bulgarian expert with many years of experience in the sector, who believes that herbs can give livelihood to over a quarter of our nation if used sensibly and conserved in their wild habitats.

Visitors were shown over 150 high-quality Bulgarian herb products. The companies and institutions represented at the fair demonstrated the possibility of adding value close to the habitats of medicinal plants, thereby providing incentive for their protection. There were representatives of the food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and parapharmaceutical industries. Each company and organisation put on a display of their produce and expertise. Hundreds of visitors were able to enjoy the welcoming atmosphere, have a cup of herb infusion and test the numerous products available at the exhibition. Consultations and information on organic herb farming, sustainable collection and the role of value addition to resources were also available at the exhibition.


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